The Registration process described on here is for Festival performers, vendors, non-profit resource agencies and residents interested in sharing their culture. Volunteers can sign up via the link at the bottom of this page.

POLICY STATEMENT:  Please read mission statement and policies carefully

before submitting a registration form.

Mission Statement:  
The purpose of the Charlottesville Festival of Cultures is to:
  • Celebrate the cultural and linguistic diversity in our community,
  • Increase awareness of that diversity in a respectful environment,
  • Provide an opportunity for building a bridge of communication between newcomers and established residents in the area,
  • Showcase the contributions of newcomers to our community.

All participants must abide by the values expressed in the mission statement: respect, educate, and celebrate.

Exhibitors, non-profit agencies, and artisan vendors:
  • All provided tables are 6’ long. Limit of one table per exhibitor or organization.
  • To encourage conversation and connection no banners or signage can hang from the tent. Signage and displays should not obstruct hosts of the table as we want to emphasize interaction.
  • No soliciting.
  • No proselytizing.
  • No political messages.
  • No electricity provided.
  • Acceptable non-profit agencies are those that contribute or provide a service that is useful to the population that attends.
  • Artisan vendors are those that sell their own work or the work of other artists – not work that is mass-produced. We strive to promote artisans and cultural importers engaged in fair trade. New this year: All artisan vendors must also register for and provide a cultural exhibit. See additional information on the artisan vendor link below.
  • Fees:   
Cultural Exhibitors—Free; 
Artisan Vendors—$50; 
Non-Profit Agencies—$100

Payment must be received in advance of the Festival.  No exceptions!

  • We have limited slots.
  • First priority is with those performers who are representing their own culture.  Others who have studied the music or dance of another culture are also accepted as time permits, as we recognize that music and dance are a bridge to communication and connection.
  • We also make every attempt to have representation of a variety of cultures and performance type.
Food Vendors:
  • Food vendors must comply with all Health Department regulations.  
  • Fee: $100 to the Festival (plus any fee imposed by the Health Department, payable to them).
  • For more information on food vending at the Festival, please contact the festival coordinator at or 434-961-5461.
We reserve the right to refuse the participation of an organization or performer that does not meet our criteria.

 Links to Registration Forms

Non-Profit Resource Agencies

Artisan Vendors (also required to create a cultural exhibit, see link for more information)